Shawn Clark

lead pastor

As Lead Pastor, Shawn is responsible for the overall vision and direction of Nightlight, leads our team, and does most of the speaking at our worship experiences.




Official Sounding Stuff:

  • From small town Indiana where a traffic jam is 3 cars behind a tractor.
  • Married to Noelle with one child on the way.
  • Graduated from Indiana Wesleyan University with Bachelors in Sports Ministry.
  • Masters of Divinity from Wesley Seminary.
  • Part-time chaplain for Supercross and Pro Motocross series.

Not So Official Sounding Stuff:

  • Unable to roll his R's so his future in Spanish-speaking is limited.
  • Carries around a hammer at home and pretends he is Thor.
  • But didn’t really care for the movie Thor, or any other movie where aliens are trying to take over the world.
  • Would love to start cheering for the Buccaneers if they would ever start winning
  • Prides himself in being a redneck hipster - which makes it really inconvenient trying to get out of your jacked up truck in your skinny jeans.