Q: Why do you do church so differently?

A: Why don’t you do church so differently?! Oh, sorry, didn’t mean to attack you. Anyway, God didn’t give us one “right” way to “do” church. Some ways have become ingrained over the years but that doesn’t make them right; they are just traditions that have worked for some people. But we’re not those people, and we need to find new ways that work for us.


Q: What denomination are you?

A:  We really just wanted to create something that would appeal to people that like clubs and bars.  We have also partnered with a denomination called the Wesleyan Church.  Our beliefs most closely align with theirs and we love their history.  They were huge in the movement to abolish slavery and the women's rights movement.  That's pretty neat!  We do, however, like partnering with other churches to serve our community.  For more info on the Wesleyan Church click here.


Q: Is this place a cult?

A: Nah, not so much. Sorry if you’re all into cults, but we’re not one. Cults tell you what to believe, take away your freedom and forbid you to leave. At Nightlight, you’re welcome no matter what you believe. We want you to experience freedom, and you’re free to leave whenever you want. Plus, cults are never funny, and we like to think we are pretty funny sometimes!


Q: I don’t believe in God, am I still welcome?

A: Yup. But we do hope you’re open to exploring, and to the idea that maybe there is a God and maybe He’s worth knowing.


Q: You say you’re a church for people who don’t like church. But I’m a Christian from another church. Can I come to Nightlight?

A: Yes, but there’s a good chance you won’t like it.


Q: What’s your dress code?

A: Please do.


Q: Who funds this church?

A: Ordinary everyday people like you and us who believe so much in what God will do here that they want to help make it happen.

Have any other questions? Feel free to ask us anything.  Just click here.